photos of my week

ughg, work work work – so a few quick pics of my past weeks THANK GOD for food, drinks and my garden that grows without much help. 
drinks for Mothers Day 

cake for Mothers Day

gorgeous Hostas in my mums garden

Bitterballen at Hilton Brussels City Hotel Bien Belge Bar

nachos at HardRock Cafe Brussels

Berry Margarita at HardRock Cafe

Processo and cake at Cafe du Sablon

sushi from Daily Fresh from the Carrefour 

stocked up in Rose wine from 20Vins Brussels 
booked my weekend trip to Florence – yipeeeeee

its growing my eatable and country flower mix

Love my hydrangeas

a fresh easy mozza basil tomato cucumber salad

whaw flash back to childhood w Monchichi

drinks at Roxi Brussels 

drinks at El Vasco Brussels

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