One-Pan Coconut Lentil Curry

My lovelies, today I combine 2 of my favourite things:  AH-MAZIN cookware by Le Creuset and a quick easy, tasty one-pan meal full of flavour: Coconut Lentil Curry. First a little story: It is 1924, the Roaring Twenties, … … the economic boom caused a paradigm shift and it became socially acceptable for women to wear knee-length dresses and bobbed hair, the so-called Flappers.  The Art Deco movement was challenging us to see random objects as a thing of beauty and the wave of modernism indulged the creative minds to explore. Picture two successful industrialists Armand and Octave meeting in Brussels where I imagine they had glorious food and plenty of wine and enjoyed all things beautiful and refined.  They decided, maybe one drunken absinthe night, to open a factory together wanting to produce enameled objects.  Logistically it made sense to settle in France … et voila : in 1925 their first cast-iron pan saw daylight. And as we say: the rest is history. Today Le Creuset is still about durability and quality but also colour and variety. I tested the 20 cm Sautee Pan; with its straight high sides it is perfect for shallow frying, braising and cooking down liquids without … Continue reading One-Pan Coconut Lentil Curry