new food trends in Belgium: organic, box and truck – part 2 : the box

What other consumer countries
have already embraced a while ago, now is local to Belgium: buy organic direct from the farm, food boxes delivered to your door, and meet your favorite
food-truck in town. Let me break down each trend for you.
The Box: Food delivered
to your door.

Goodies to discover:
Many offer a monthly box, you
either subscribe to receiving regularly a goodies box or buy a one-off box.
Delivered to your doorstep, you get to open a box full of goodies and discover
new brands. Some announce what is in the box in advance, some keep
it a state secret until they ve been shipped, some lift the tip of the veil
only. It is a box to offer you a taste at a discounted price.

I tested the Dutch site
“FoodWeLove” last year. read the post here.

Try “La Box 100% Belge” from
fellow bloggers Elise and Coline from  “des filles a retordre”

Meals to cook:
You get all the ingredients and a
recipe to cook at home your fresh meal. No need to think what to cook, no need
to rush to the store after work, it is all done for you, well except the
cooking part. Deliveries are generally on Monday or Tuesday. 
I tested 2 brands :
You pick your box: original or
veggie. You choose the number of meals and people you need, you can pick for 1
person too. You choose your delivery date and time. Thank God they deliver also
after work the latest being between 19.30H and 22.30H. It is very easy to order
online and pay by credit  card or iDeal. I tried the testbox
for €39 for 3 meals for 1.
I loved the attention to details from sending a text message with an estimated delivery time, emailing in advance the dishes, the little note from Maartje on the box and the follow up telephone call to ask if you liked the box. But at the core the food counts and i loved the 3 easy and quick recipes. The ingredients were super fresh and the turkey thighs were deliciously marinated and succulent as was the smoked mackerel. It gave me a worry free and relaxed eve as no last minute stress shopping before the shops close and no rush cooking to be able to leave enough time to digest before going to bed.

Here you pick your box for either
2 or 4 persons and you can add a fruit box of 10 or 15 pieces. I tried the box
for 2 people with the small fruit basket which was total of €73. It is
very easy to order online and pay by credit card or bank card. The latest
delivery time is between 17H to 22H. The driver calls you 30 minutes before he rings the doorbell. I was disappointed with one of the dishes as it was meatballs on a baguette. Already i eat a sandwich like that for lunch, i don’t want bread for dinner too. The recipe calls for you to bake the bread but i received already fully backed baguettes and had to throw them out as they were uneatable the next day. 
I also altered the meatball recipe as it didn’t ask for an egg nor breadcrumbs. I ended up not having much time to cook and before i knew the fish had already expired, i wish they would have given the suggestion to freeze the fish on delivery. The fruit selection was 2 apples, pears, kiwis and bananas but no recipes come with the fruit. 

ideal food box:
I am being picky (of course) my ideal box would be a combo of a few meals to
cook and a couple of surprises, maybe a dessert or threat? And I think I rather have the box delivered on Saturday
morning so I can see what is in it and if I need to buy anything else for the
week, also so I can get organized when to cook what. 
I did sign up to use Hello Fresh once a month as i think it will help me out when i work or travel over the weekend. And as I had quite a lot of left over vegetables, you only need to order 3 meals and use the rest to make a soup of veggie dish for an extra meal.

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