My ultimate Birthday meal

I LOVE celebrating my birthday, today is all about me and what I like to do and of course eat! I don’t mind getting older; I seem to mature like great wine, better every year – haha. But I am not fully grown up yet either, I still need tonzzz of PINK on my birthday! Here is my VERY pink celebration meal : lobster salad and pink sweets. Love the eclairs from Eclair et Gourmandises, my favourite  eclairs!

For My Birthday Lobster Salad:






1 small beetroot, peeled, cooked and sliced finely

1 medium tomato, sliced finely

1 pink grapefruit, peeler, sliced finely

1 persimmon sliced finely

1 lobster, cooked, meat removed


1. Layer the tomato, beetroot, persimmon and grapefruit on the plate. Add the lobster meat

2. Serve with homemade majo and flat parsley.





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