My 6 sparkling mimosas to serve for Easter brunch

Mimosas are served at brunches the world over. This cocktail is one part champagne or sparkling wine and one part chilled orange juice. In Paris around 1925 at the Ritz Hotel this invention saw daylight and named Mimosa like the lovely yellow mimosa flowers. London calls it a Buck’s Fizz and is made with twice as much champagne ( love it!). There are others like Pointsetta is with cranberry juice, Megmosa with grapefruit juice and Soleil with pineapple juice. So I made 6 new ones, and I named them after lovely flowers. Which one is your favourite?

Everybody who knows me , knows how much I LOVE to drink bubbles.It does not need to be a special occasion; it is generally how I start ( and finish sometimes) every meal enjoyed in a restaurant. At all times at home I chill about 30 bottles in my “Bubbles Fridge” , just in case something major needs to be celebrated in large quantities. I mean you never know, right? Better be prepared I say! However when it comes to mixing (i.e. messing) with the bubbles, I am not a fan. But Brunch can be early enough in the day so it may require some kind of juice addition (for some). I HATE orange juice, it make me sick so here are 6 alternative juices I have made up and (kinda) approve off. Tell me what you think?

Tangerine and BubblesThe MARIGOLD – a classic twist  as for some reason I LOVE tangerines and clementines but HATE oranges. Add a little splash of orange blossom flower water and you are transported to the Mediterranean instantly.

Pomegrante and BubblesThe PEONY– LOVE that deep red and exotic flavour, I add a little splash of rose water to make it sumptuous.

Pear and Bubbles  – The DAISY – Make a little pear puree and chill it before adding to the bubbles. Top with a little fresh thyme to bring out the flavour.

Coconut water and BubblesThe LILY – for the green and healthy lovers. Add some fresh coconut water and coconut flakes for crunch.

Pomelo and BubblesThe GEBERA – sweeter than grapefruit it is perfect to tox and detox at the same time. A little rosemary deepens the flavour.

Elderflower and Bubbles The AMARYLLIS – adding delicate elder-flower cordial is just so subtle but fabulously stylish.

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