Market day: my favourite day

Sunday is my Market Day! Of course there are many markets every day of the week in Brussels, but my me-time moment is throwing on some jeans, taking the bus and go to the Flagey market on Sundays. It doesn’t take long; I always go to the same vegetable and fruit stall to stock up with seasonal, freshly picked produce. And I always get some flowers or garden plants, which I schlep back on the bus regretting having bought too much well actually not having taken a taxi home.

strawberries at market

What I see at the market inspires me to cook, I look in my calendar to check how many dinners I need to cook this week and buy accordingly.
If I don’t count than I end up buying whatever I like, that can be a LOT. And than I’ve to cook and freeze, inevitable  I forget about the food in the freezer and end up throwing it away, such waste is unbearable!

At the market, not only is everything fresh and in season, it is also much cheaper to buy direct for the grower than from the supermarket so for the budget minders amongst us, get yourself to your local market.

I picked up some zucchini flowers the other day:

zuchini flower casserole


10 zucchini and flowers, cleaned and stems removed

50 gr parmesan cheese, grated

50 gr feta cheese

olive oil

salt and pepper


  1. if the zucchinis are larger, split them at the base, to allow for easier cooking through.
  2. Layer the zucchinis in an oven dish and season with salt and pepper, add olive oil, and the cheeses.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C degrees for about 30 minutes.

lavendar at market with leeksandhighheels bag


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