Lunch to-go in a jar: how to

It’s all the rage in foodie world: salad in a mason jar. And truth be said it is an easy quick way to make a delicious lunch, take it to work, the park or on the road. So I had a go at it after a little research and some trial and error, here the do’s and don’ts on packing the perfect lunch jar! Avoid a soggy salad by adding the heaviest non-absorbent ingredients with the dressing at the bottom of the jar. I prefer keeping it separate all together and having a little dressing jar on the side. Keeps in the fridge for several days if tightly sealed but I recommend avoid putting tomatoes, avocados, hard boiled eggs and cooked chicken in the jar just yet if you are going to store it for a few days. To plan for the week, prep all your ingredients and store in fridge, ready for a quick assembly line in the morning before going to work. Saves time and let’s you enjoy your morning tea in peace. So here is how you do it: The dressing: this is easy weather you go for a little bit of lime juice with olive oil or … Continue reading Lunch to-go in a jar: how to