Keep calm and adjust your Tiara – a summer bash at my place

It was grand,
magical, and a jolly summer party last Saturday at my place, an EPIC night really.

The invite :
Girls and Boys,
time for a Summer Bash
bring your fave
bubbly and
course your tiara
20 or so of my close
friends dusted off their tiaras to sparkle brightly and trimmed their mustaches
to perfection, to party all night long at HRH’s castle. People were inside, outside, moving about, some helped with food prep, some did
dishes, some served bubbly: it was all very gregarious.

Everyone at some
point crammed themselves into the garden, very snug indeed: passing glasses
and bottles around. Evidently there were some casualties amongst the glasses, just
enough to bring good luck and one ended up in the “pond”, haha. (That’s is why
God invented Ikea glasses )

Cleaning up the
next day, bottles everywhere ( we did kill 25 of them) and amongst the plants
some abandoned tiaras and ‘staches found a new home.

My tiara however beautiful it was, also extremely heavy ( how do
they do it, the royals) it stayed on most of the night. (THANK YOU Wendy for sending it from DC) Especially cooking in
heels with a tiara on, banging my head against the hood in the kitchen, was
challenging. But I only had one bruise on my right thigh (?), I think it was from
trying to get in and out of the crammed garden, no other major injuries, apart from painful cheeks from laughing so much! ( switching to water at 1am was helpful)

I did serve food,
not just bubbles: I started with home-made dips, veg and chips. I made a beetroot-yoghurt lemon-thyme dip, a pea-parmesan dip and hummus with coriander. I served them with non-wheat tortillas, carrots and radishes. I made a fresh red and green tomatoes-red
onion salsa too.

Followed by 2
salads: summer spinach, zuchinni with feta, duck and pomegranate salad – and a quinoa, green
beans with radish and smoked trout salad.  

As main I served pasta with home-made pesto.(Thank you lovely friends who helped at the assembly line)

Dessert was s’mores
: marshmallows, Belgian chocolate and speculoos biscuits – but of course! There
were fruits too, oddly enough plenty leftover.

As always I decorated
with self-made garlands in gold, black and white that I strung up across the
room and I decorated the wall behind the food station: makes it instantaneously
festive. And candles everywhere … ( who doesn’t love craft time – channeling Martha)
The weather was
super mild ( actually hot in my world) and permitted me to set up the bar outside. I bought as much ice as I
could store and had a friend bring more, I think I can safely say we had
chilled drinks ( mortified if I would ve served lukewarm bubbly)

favors: I love giving my guests something on the way out. For this party I made
a little hangover kit – I printed a “keep calm label” for the water
bottle, filled little brown bags with 2 paracetamol pain
meds, detox green tea and a mint – next day essentials …
I planned
and prepped several weeks in advance but took a day off to ready the food. So on
the day off I had time to go ve my hair and makeup done. Everything was
 ready, I was relaxed to receive my friends… and before they arrived practised drinking bubbly with my tiara on… ( bring the glass to the lips, don’t drop the tiara!)

Having a big party
does not need to break the bank. If you source your ingredients seasonal and
local you can strech your euros; love going to my local markets and making up the
menu as I go. My food cost was only 10 euro per person. Of course drinks are the
large cost but you could ve people bring a bottle or have them chip in. Making
your own decorations, such as garlands are very economical. I bought large
sheets of colored paper and some string, instant party vibe for a few euros
only. Ikea is KING in cheap glasses and bowls, I save the crystal for sit-down
dinner parties and bring out the Ikea stuff for the nomadic parties. Candles are a cheap and superb moodsetter. It is all
about being creative with a little help from pinterest …

Her Royal Highness is very grateful for such fab friends – 
y’all – 

thank you guys for the Emergency Pink Kit, LOVE it!

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