it’s my Birthday Party – how to throw your own party in less than 24hrs?

I had a plan.

For once i actually had a plan to celebrate my birthday…
and alas  …
due to recent terrorists attacks in Paris and the repercussions in Brussels, a threat level 4 forced me to change my plans and celebrate at home rather than the bar I planned for; safety first!  
Now even for a pro-party planner such a last minute change from only having to show up versus now having to host at home 20 people is a bit of a challenge. Choices needed to be made fast and I only had the day itself to get it all sorted. 

This is how i did it:

first 3 questions:

1. What food will i serve; self-cook or buy ready-made?

2. What drinks will i serve?
3. What is the color scheme – decoration style ?

than a to-do list, timed minute by minute and it did require getting up at 6 am on day of. But I even fit in getting my hair and my make up done! Efficiency is key! tchop tchop …

consider saving time so I bought paper plates and forks, but i could not get myself to use them. There was no doubt i would serve bubbly in plastic – NEVER – but i thought just for a second i would serve cake on disposable plates – well, no that didn’t happen. That’s why i have a dishwasher. Yes, it took a bit longer on Sunday to clean up but it was worth it. 

I decided to buy quiches from “Les Tartes de Francoise”, had cheese and saucisson out, chips and ready-made dips such as houmous, guacamole and eggplant. I got a fabulous birthday cake from “Fabrice Collignon” with figs and almonds.

cremant-dalsace-brutI served bubbles only; went to my fave Alsatian wine shop Vinum , got 24 bottle of cremant Mure delivered.  To add a pink touch, i added some cranberry juice to my glass, surprisingly many friends followed my lead..

As decoration, I went for pink , as it is MY colour. I bought 2 sheets (50 by 70 cm) of 3 shades of pink. I cut bunting out of them and strung them up around the room: instant party mood – it did look like a party for a 6 year old, oh well. I hung some  pink paper spheres and used pink candy to decorate the drinks & food table… and i received some pink princess balloons. A few pink roses and voila … 

Pink-afied, Pink-a-licious and Pink-tastic ! 

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