Homage to Julia Child by Making her Cheese Souffle

Today I bring homage to a brilliant American chef, Julia Child (1912-2004), who in 1948 decided to enroll in Paris at “Le Cordon Blue” the French Culinary Arts and Hotel Management since 1895. Julia had to fight against French stubbornness and snobbish prejudice so she decided to write her own cook book, bringing French cooking to the American housewives: “Mastering the art of French Cooking” volume 1 and 2.  She had her own TV cooking shows from the 60ties onwards and we all fell in love with her all over again with the movie “Julie & Julia” in 2009 with the amazing Meryl Streep. Today her Foundation through grants to non-profit organisations and by presenting the Julia Child Award, keeps her legacy alive. Julia, I salute you and Happy Birthday up there! and … Bon Appetit !

I rarely buy cookbooks anymore because …I have already way too many, and you can find it all online these days. But her books needed to be part of my curated collection for sure, and they now are .

I am going to start by making her Famous “fail proof” cheese soufflé!

This is what I learned:

  • her recipe is very, very thorough; anyone follow all the steps and how-to can not fail this dish! She even explains how to hold your whisk and well yes how to use your wrist to whisk!
  • I messed up my amounts of butter and flour right in the beginning so my base was very heavy. I was distracted and you have to focus! #lessonslearned
  • Definitely serve it with a salad or toasts with smoked salmon as the portion is really only for 2 people. I used 4 ramekins so they were not filled enough.

I will for sure make this again and pay more attention to her wise words of advise and measure my ingredients better. and yes not let the milk bubble over, hmmm.

For Julia Childs recipe click here  – Bon Appetit!

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