Grilled Vegetable Naan-wich To-Go

Desperate for variety and colour, I have been finding inspiration in different cuisines lately and sharing with you some of my new easy yummy dishes to give the grey months some colour and spice. I┬áhave always been fascinated by India and its vibrant colours and spices. I was researching what people have on their sandwich and although we might be diverse on what we put on our bread, mostly we stick to bread. So I was thinking about naan, Indian bread and decided to give it a go. Also love this vegetarian alternative to-go. I found several recipes online and I had 3 trials before actually coming up with the best way to cook naan without the traditional Indian oven. Have a go, this is fool proof!     1 votePrintNaan and beetroot raita recipePrep 25 minsCook 25 minsTotal 50 minsYield 4 naan-wich Ingredientsfor the naan:150ml water80gr active dry yeast300gr flour100gr plain yoghurt1 table spoon oil1 teaspoon sugarhandful coriander leavesfor the raita:1 beetroot, peeled, cooked30 gr yoghurt1/2 chili, diced1 teapsoon dried ginger, grounded1 teaspoon cumin1 teaspoon corander seeds, crushedsaltInstructionsAdd the sugar, warm water and yeast in a small bowl. Stir to combine, the yeast will activate in about 10 minutes, … Continue reading Grilled Vegetable Naan-wich To-Go