Gent, Belgium: a bakery and great lunch signed Kobe Desramaults

Always love going back to my hometown and check out the new eateries. It seems that bakeries are the new trend, so checked out  Chefs Kobe’s Superette. His wood-oven produces a fine variety of breads. i loved the spelt bread i tried, it stayed fresh for days. They serve sandwiches and pizza’s and as they are located smack in the middle of studentville, i am sure many a students finds their way to the neighbourhood shop turned bakery and eatery.

In the previously notorious red-light district Chef Kobe opened a bistro in an old butchery, de Vitrine, that takes you back in time with it’s brown furniture and wall panelling. I discovered a FAB locally-made drink from Elderflower called RoomeR, love it! ( i now permanently stock it in my fridge)
The menu is either 4 or 5 dishes with an option for cheese. I was expecting more like a bistro menu but we had an absolute delightful tasting menu!
His 1 Michelin star restaurant In de Wulf is next on my bucket list.

mussels * back cabbage * fennel

pork * salsify * roquette

parsnip ice cream * sourdough 

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