Eat Brussels, drink Bordeaux : a new location & rain with good wine and food

My fave Brussels outdoor foodfest is finally here: Eat Brussels! I bought my tickets way back in May to take advantage of the discount but also not to stand inline too long. 
It was beautiful sunny on Thursday and Friday but i was not able to make, so i had to put on the rainwear and get out there on Saturday but i managed to mis major showers.

Basic principles are: you can taste bordeaux wines for free and you buy jetons to exchange for tasting-dishes from a restaurant or represented region.
They changed location from Bois de la Cambre to Parc de Bruxelles, which i understand must be to attract more tourists or passerby’s but i missed those gorgeous lake views.
The Beduin tents allure you immediately to taste the wine. A quick study of the park map: what wine and what restaurant is where, and off i go.

I always stop at “La Truffe Noire” for the mandatory scrambled eggs and potatoes with truffle and the carpaccio bun with truffle – delish!

Wiping my drool of my mouth at “Eclairs et Gourmandises” booth, i got a Paris Brest eclair and a tenderness of peer and ginger to go – what a threat! 

I exchange my wine tickets for some sparkly and red Bordeaux wines and listened in for a few minutes at a presentation about the region; where the speaker made a valuable point: ” Bordeaux wines are thought of to be expensive and granted some are but most of the 60some appellations are very affordable good wines.” 

I missed the spectacular lake views, i won’t lie, especially when you’re in the food-tents, you don’t even know you are in a park. I think there was a lot of plastic covering it all; it would ve been better in some wooden containers or some more integrated greener structures, a bit disappointing.

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