Easter mimosas and more recipes to inspire your celebrations


My 6 sparkling mimosas to serve for Easter brunch – for the recipes click HERE 

Mimosas are served at brunches the world over. This cocktail is one part champagne or sparkling wine and one part chilled orange juice. In Paris around 1925 at the Ritz Hotel this invention saw daylight and named Mimosa like the lovely yellow mimosa flowers. London calls it a Buck’s Fizz and is made with twice as much champagne ( love it!). There are others like Pointsetta is with cranberry juice, Megmosa with grapefruit juice and Soleil with pineapple juice. So I made 6 new ones, and I named them after lovely flowers. Which one is your favourite?

Celebrating Easter with my lamb crown roast – for the recipe click HERE

Days are getting longer and Easter is almost here; this means spring weather should be kicking in soon, I hope. I can’t wait to get stuck into the garden again and enjoy long evenings on the terrace. Soon…

Easter is upon us, so what are you cooking ? If you need inspiration, today I share my crown roast of lamb, a true showstopper and easy peasy.

Easter brunch coddles eggs 8 ways – for the recipes click HERE

Brunch does not need to be complicated nor boring. I love eggs, I generally don’t eat breakfast during the week, maybe a quick granola and yogurt. So on the weekends I truly enjoy my eggs but I like a bit of originality so here my 8 coddled egg recipes, super yummy and easy.

You can make your own version by following 2 simple steps:

  • use fresh eggs
  • cook your ramekins in water bath

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