does service matter? … hell yes!

Of course food is for me the most important reason to go back to a restaurant, i can’t stand bad service even if the food is good. Now bad service is very personal, because when you buy an actual product you still walk away with the item, but when you had bad service in a restaurant you may have eaten but you won’t digest it well. 
I have been for the past 20 years in food service and a customer service trainer so it KILLS me when a server decides to argue with the customer instead of getting them what they want. Here the narrative, please tell me if i am exaggerating:

We arrived at 12H15 only 1/3 of the tables were occupied than. We ordered immediately and received our cold starters in the next 20 min of being seated. In the meanwhile the small restaurant is now full and guests are waiting for take out. We had also ordered the dish of the day as i had a meeting at 13H30 and wanted to make it quick. I had to ask at 13H15 (an hour later) where the main course was. Here is what he said:

“We don’t cook fresh pasta so it takes 15 minutes to boil the pasta and everyone came in at the same time so you have to wait.” I tried to comment but was cut off “So you know for the next time, it will always take this long” I was stupefied. The table next to us was also already waiting for 45 minutes without any food and asked: “where is the pasta, we have been here for 45 minutes” answer: “No you ‘ve not, on my order form it says you ordered 33 minutes ago. Everybody arrived at the same time, so you will need to wait” The lady looked at me as stupefied as i was. Our pasta came 10 minutes later,  i took 2 bites and left. 
As i had front view into the open kitchen I know what went wrong and it’s easily fixed but why should i care as they certainly didn’t care about their customers whom incidentally are their livelihood. I am pretty sure they just lost a few customer that lunchtime.

a few more photos of my week :
How cute – “snowy” or “Bobby” or “Milou” depending what language you read it in

Dandoy – LOVE their biscuits

a great fave – americian at Vieux St Martin

leeks and salmon quiche at Pain Quotidien

linguini and seafood at “un jour a Peyrassol”

white asparagus season is almost over, one more time at Cap Sablon

BIG J pitta at Le Perroquet – a classic, never fails

La burrata pure at La Gazetta … it went downhill from there

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