Celebrating Easter with my lamb crown roast

Days are getting longer and Easter is almost here; this means spring weather should be kicking in soon, I hope. I can’t wait to get stuck into the garden again and enjoy long evenings on the terrace. Soon…

Easter is upon us, so what are you cooking ? I am going to be painting my living room so friends are having me over for Easter lunch, lucky me. If you need inspiration, today I share my crown roast of lamb, a true showstopper and easy peasy. All you need is to ask the Colruyt butcher to string it up for you and follow my cooking instructions. Ready …. let’s do it.

With spring around the corner, Easter will always be about lamb for me. I don’t eat it regularly only when in season, spring time. Multiple cuts create a versatile palate of dishes, but I never cooked a crown roast before.

A crown roast of lamb (or porc) is basically lam chops strung up in shape of a crown. Often marinated, or stuffed with minced meat or a rice pilaf. Really the choice is yours, but ask you butcher to do the hard work for you, like I did at Colruyt. and do check out their site for more inspiration ( in Dutch and French only)


Stuffing – do you want to stuff the crown, and if yes with minced meat or rice or veggies – truly anything is possible. I love a rice with cumin, pistachios and pomegranate – check out my recipe here

Flavour boost – You can also consider a marinade or dry rub to give the meat some extra flavour. I brushed the lamb with olive oil with chopped sage, salt and pepper.

Serve – present the crown on a lovely serving plate on its own or with vegetables, rice or potatoes. I love green asparagus with lamb, i grilled them so they still ve a bite to it. For more side dish inspiration click here 

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