Bubble Games in Brussels – catered by L’Atelier de Bow




The Jeux d’Hiver restaurant, bar and night club hidden in the Bois de la Cambre is what we call “an institution” in Brussels. The dictionary explains: any familiar long-established fixture devoted to a particular cause. and they are devoted alright… to party till dawn.

I have frequented that place on and off for the past 20 years and keeps reinventing itself.
Today, they have a new game at les jeux: “Bubble Games” and yes champagne is flowing every Saturday night  so much so you buy a bottle of Piper between 23H and 01H, you get one free to offer to your friends.
Now once a month there is a special Bubbles Games Patiorama where you sit down for a succulent meal with wine orchestrated to perfection by the exquisite Brussels caterer “L’Atelier de Bow”. 



In December they served us baubles filled with yummy quinoa and super fresh smoked salmon, a delish duck salad , a grilled Italian vegetable salad and as mains: a warming spicy stew with rice and pasta with truffles. Needless to say there was plenty to eat. I didn’t try the white wine but the red was correct, and they were very generous.
The music did disappoint a tad, there were apparently several DJ’s but none really played anything you could really loose yourself in so people started to leave early, which is a shame. But i am told this will change, let’s keep fingers crossed as i sure love to dance!
So check out their Facebook page to stay tuned: the next Bubble Games Patiorama will take place Saturday 6 February, see you all there.

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