Brussels – Dinner in the sky with The Hotel Chef Pierre Balthazar

A few years back i tried the “dinner in the sky” concept and loved it, so when William called with spare tickets for  The Hotel Sunday Brunch, i didn’t hesitate to buy them despite the ungodly early hour of 9h30 on Sunday.

A little hair of the dog was needed and what better than the new Veuve Clicquot Rich over green tea; it was brunch after all! What a fab new champagne this is, not yet for sale in stores but can be tasted only in the best bars in town. Mix it with tea, cucumber or pineapple; plenty of ice and enjoy in the sun.

Chef Pierre delighted with a super fresh, inventive and full of flavour 5 course menu in the sky. 
My absolute favourite was the lobster tail and waffle with algae; i would eat that all day, every day.  
The pigeon was super moist in perfect contrast with the crunchy carrots, sublime.
The veal, reminded me of my grandma, she made this once when i was a small child, and i never ate it again till now, served with sweetbreads, so scrumptiously full of nostalgia. 
Plenty of white and red wines were served from magnum bottles, such a fab touch as the bouquet is much more intense and a few guests needed to self medicate to endure the hight.
For dessert we returned to earth to be welcomed by Veuve Clicquot Rose and a white chocolate surprise. 
What a fab Sunday Brunch, thank you all!

getting ready all strapped in, courage Chefs!
fab carpets by Didden&co

Chef Pierre at work


2: my fave: lobster tail with waffle of algae
1: fresh tuna with quinoa 

3: super moist pigeon with carrots 
4: veal blanquette w sweetbread

5: fruit and with chocolate dessert

THANK YOU William xoxo

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