Brussels: 1 Michelin star restaurant Senzanome : a birthday lunch

It’s now a long standing habitual practice that Marina, my dearest work colleague, and I have a loooong lunch in December to celebrate our birthdays, evaluate the past year, look towards the new year and of course gossip a bit.

We decided to splurge and tick a Michelin star restaurant of our restaurant bucket list : Senzanome.

This 1 star recently moved to Sablon and after several months of construction and redecorating a bright, open, modern space has emerged. We were very taken by the clean but yet warm new decor.
The menu
As most upscale restaurants there is a lunch menu of 3 courses and a 4 and 6 course menu. We went for the lunch special as the main course sounded very appealing.
Our starter of chickpeas and pasta was a bit of a let down; it had no flavour, it was not a really memorable dish; quite frankly not a great start.

The main of lamb with curry sauce with cauliflower and potatoes was acceptable as the meat was superb but again nothing that really rocked my boat.

The dessert was something mango and lime. We had a few glasses of lovely Italian red wine to accompany the meal.

The service
I know i am picky as I was, I am and I will always consider myself a waitress. So i am hard on service but I am also the most forgiving when things go wrong. However here the cold welcoming set the tone: “pick a table” is not what i expect from this level of restaurant when walking in nor being reprimanded for asking for a glass of bubbly and being told they only serve prosecco. We were not worthy of hearing what the 6 course menu served, well, if we wanted to hear it, she would tell us but she didn’t really leave us time to ask.
Overall I was disappointed, sad,  as i had wanted to try it for a while. I don’t believe in off-days and trying again; a place like this should (for the price alone) be consistent, welcoming and somewhat worthy of their Michelin star and above all serve yummy food. I hope you have had a better experience than i had.

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