A Peachy Poptail You Will Enjoy All Year Round

Despite our Belgian summer weather being a bit, let’s say, unpredictable these days, I can truly enjoy a refreshing poptail now and again. It’s a great substitute for aperitif to keep cool in hot weather, a fancy grown up afternoon threat or a fun original boozy dessert.

A poptail is a Cocktail in a Popsicle, let’s be honest it’s a boozy ice lolly and who does not love that!

Basic Principle: freeze your favourite cocktail with some smashed fruit

My favourite: Peach Bellini Poptail (for 6 ice pops): smash the fruit of 2 cut up skinned peaches and divide over the moulds to about 1/3 filled. Fill up the moulds with your choice of bubbles (prosecco, cava or Champagne) and freeze for 4 hours or leave overnight. For optimal consumption, store in freezer for 2 weeks maximum.

It works great with a Ginger Moscow Mule, Lime and Mint Mojito, Cucumber Pimm’s Cup and Mango Margarita.

Shapes and Sizes: I got my moulds on sale this summer at HEMA, buy here some funny bird shaped ones. or check out Amazon here


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