A fresh spring salad ready under 15 minutes

Sometimes you just want a fresh salad for lunch or dinner but you lack the time to make it complex. I got a few tips for you to get your salad ready under 15 minutes. I also give you a fresh salad recipe with spring ingredients such as strawberries, radishes and asparagus.

BASE – pick a leave you use as base such as: baby lettuce, roquette, iceberg, spinach, radicchio or a mix. The leaves will give volume and usually only require a quick rinse.

VEG – what is in season and is easy to throw in the salad is your first question. Spring gives us lovely asparagus and baby veg.

FRUIT – I love fruit in my salad, brings a natural sweetness. You can use fresh such as apple, pear, berries, mango and citrus or dried fruit such as apricots and dates.

TOPPING – You can top your salad with anything you got or like such as feta or parmesan cheese, cooked bacon strips, a poached egg, cooked chicken or salami. Something that does not require any cooking is the goal here.

CRUNCH – Something crispy, crunchy is lovely in a salad. I like using store bought fried onions for ease. A mix of smashed nuts, seeds or croutons can do bring that crunch.

CEREALS – I tend to make a little extra pasta, rice or quinoa and toss into a salad, but this is not indispensable to a quick salad.

VINAIGRETTE – The base of a vinaigrette is  oil and vinegar, but it is really up to you to be creative; replace vinegar by lemon juice or  passion fruit. Use a mixture of oils or your favourite one. Add a splash of cream, yoghurt or tahini, add some agave syrup for some sweetness. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper. Put it all in a jar and shake to combine.

How do you like you salad?

I made this lovely fresh spring salad this weekend: baby lettuce, sliced green asparagus (steamed in microwave), strawberries, feta cheese, sunflower seeds and radishes. A quick vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic vinegar brings out the strawberry flavour.

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