9 delicious white asparagus recipes to cook now

That pure white gold asparagus is such a delight here in Western Europe. I have vivid memories of eating them as a child: traditional with eggs and lots of butter. I LOVE cooking them but prefer to keep it simple and delish! What I adore about eating seasonal is that you look forward to eating those yummy vegetables and fruits when they are at their best. White asparagus are in season April, May and June. I share 9 recipes to enjoy these beauties at their fullest!

This delicious vegetable grows hidden from the sunlight, therefor never turns green and bonus, they tastes a bit sweeter than their regular green cousins.

White asparagus are soo versatile: use them in soups, salads, serve them with fish or eggs, make a tarte or quiche – everything works!

To perfectly cook asparagus: peel gently omitting the spearhead. Cut about a half centimeter of the bottom and discard. Bring salted water to the boil and dunk them in for about 5 minutes. With a knife point prick the bottom end of the asparagus to check if the knife slides easily all the way through, than it’s cooked, remove immediately. Start checking first the thinnest ones as they need to cook less than the larger ones. Pat them a bit dry and than they are ready for butter or olive oil and soft fresh herbs like flat parsley or basil.

My absolute fave way to serve them is with some butter and fresh herbs with salmon and a wasabi dressing. I love salmon but sometimes it can be boring so I made a lovely kebab with some lemon slices and red onions shards. Lay the kebabs on a baking sheet and cook in the oven for a few minutes. To make the dressing simply shake some light cream or yogurt with wasabi in a container, season and serve.

How do you like your white asparagus?


5 Seasonal White Asparagus Recipes


white asparagus 3 ways: a cappuccino. a la flamande and in risotto



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