6 Festive Table Styles and Design Secrets That Will Inspire You

Setting a festive table and spending some time creating a lovely warm mood, will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Let me share with you some useful tips and styling secrets and 6 festive table styles that you can pull off this Holiday season and stun your guests! if you are stuck in a gold and red glitter OTT hell this christmas, check out my 6 festive styles that wont brake the bank.

No matter the occasion, when having guests over there is nothing more uncomfortable for them when the table is not set when they ring the doorbell. It gives the impression of intruding and not being welcome. So setting the table is key, I dare say as important as the food you will serve.

GET STARTED – I always start with the mood, the ambiance I want to convey to my guests. Based on my composed menu and the carefully selected plates, stemware and flatware an idea of decoration style starts to form in my head.

Start with your favourite colour or a fun object you want to use and let your imagination run wild.  If you need inspiration create a mood board on pinterest, peruse Instagram hashtags like #tablesetting, #tabledecoration, #tablestyling. Or check out bloggers ( like me :-), u-tube channels or entertaining professionals such as Martha Stewart.

I always budget between 50 to 100 euros for table decorations such as flowers, linens, party favours, candles, etc. and that is plenty to make a statement. Take a walk around the house and collect everything that fits in your colour palate and you might surprise yourself !

SET THE TABLE – I start setting my table the weekend before the dinner as not to fuss the day of the dinner so I can focus on preparing the meal . Keep in mind these 4 stress free, fuss free steps to create a beautiful table.

  1. Basic set up: the table protection cloth, the table cloth, glasses, plates, cutlery and napkins. Make sure the silver is polished, the plates are clean and the glasses have no nasty water drops or fingers prints. Iron the napkins with lots of starch as it will give a fresh, clean, crisp feel to them.
  2. Light and mood: add candles or battery operated string lights. I recommend at least 1 candle per guest to be placed ad-hoc in the middle of the table. Take a seat in each chair and asses if none of the candles obstruct their view.
  3. Flowers or foliage: Nothing beats fresh flowers and cut branches. Your local florist can help you create something within your design idea and push it to the next level. For the lucky ones with a lovely big yard with shrubs and flowers, go for it! Also here take a seat and check if no view obstruction.
  4. Extra objets: These are the little knickknacks that makes  you a decorating pro and truly anything goes, let your imagination run wild but keep it within your chosen mood and theme.

DON’T – while candles are a great tool to create a mood, a scented candle is a faux pas at the dinner table. The aromas of the yummy food you cooked enhances the dinning enjoyment, a scented candle can really fight with those aromas. Keep the scented candle in the bathroom or hallway when having guests for dinner.

6 FESTIVE STYLES – Weather you want to blow the budget, buy a few key pieces or work with what you got around the house – anything is possible, if you can think it, you can do it! I like to stick to the budget but never set twice the same table.

Winter Woodland 

I used a grey sheepskin type of rug over a white table cloth . Use wooden plates  and cutlery.  I used small warm white Christmas lights and wooden ornaments such as nutcrackers  and stars . I added a snow globe I have had for while and some rosemary sprigs. I made a garland from cranberries to add a pop of colour. And on top of a little white car, tie a christmas tree.

Traditional Red

I used different red and white patterns table cloth and the runner . I rolled the runner to make it narrow and voluminous. I used white china and festive embroidered white linens, a candy cane for some fun. Silver vintage cutlery and silver napkin rings make this table chic as well as vintage champagne cups give that celebratory feel. Tealights in vintage silver bowls enhance that the stylish mood you ‘ve set. I kept the decorations simple with a few red mat Christmas baubles  tucked into the runner and a star garland  draped over the runner.

Navy and Gold Sparkles

I love dark table cloths as they set a very intimate mood, I fell in love with this navy and gold snowflake table cloth and napkins. The gold cutlery and gold detailed glasses  just make it soo special. For fun add some sparkly gold reindeer figures. A little cava bottle and chocolate star as party favour and centerpiece is a sweet way to send your guests home. I would use dark navy buy plates with string Christmas lights to complete the mood.

Minimalist Grey and Green

If you want to keep it simple yet stylish, channel the scandi minimalist in you. Choose greys, whites and pastel greens as colour scheme for table cloth , plates, cutlery,  glasses and candles. Paper decorations will complete that minimalist feel but I recommend you choose a pattern napkin to bring some colour and depth into the table.

Snow Flake White

White table cloth and napkins are the bases. Christmas tree ornaments in white and silver are scattered around and a chalkboard ready for some holiday wishes. Use cookie cutter stars as napkin rings and clip some rosemary to the clear glasses. Add some glass jars with a little fake snow and tealights  for a festive glow. Use white and glass china with stainless steel cutlery for a streamlines look.

Bohemian Pink and Turquoise

This is the “Mad Hatter” among festive tables, and I love it! It’s wild but if you are looking for something different there you go! The 2 prime colours are hot pink and turquoise blue; use those for the larger pieces like plates and tumblers to make the statement. Pop on a colourful table cloth (or large beach towel in my case) and dump some fun OTT multi-coloured Christmas ornaments on the table. Get some funky Christmas ornaments like pineapples or flamingos or those little cute robots and finish with some extra fab Christmas crackers . I also made pompoms in hot pink and tied them around the tumblers for more colour – yes more is more in this case!


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So what table will inspire you the most these Holidays?


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