6 cookbooks on my shelf to read this weekend

I LOVE reading … cookbooks. I know it’s rather usual but it is what I love doing. While I download every other book I read (mostly detectives and autobiographies) I soooo can NOT read a downloaded cookbook. I must have the actual physical book in my hands. And I do read every recipe, every foreword and story telling. It just always inspires me soo much!

How about to download or not?

Here are the current cookbooks I ‘ve on my shelf to read this weekend ( numbered not by preference) and get inspired. Some of them are newly purchased, some were gifts, some have been on my shelf for a while and I ‘ve been reading them a few pages at the time. If cookbooks are by season than I focus on the season about to arrive and return to it when the next season is ready at the door.

I read pretty much every type of cuisine or author, from Michelin stars chefs, stars to bloggers. Some books are to look at and admire, some are to tackle the recipes and some are just because I want to learn a technique or know more about a particular produce.

I buy cookbooks in the language the author has written them. Therefor I am limited to Dutch, French, English and German. But the crazy thing I sometimes do is just buy it anyway even if I don’t understand it. I did so in South Africa, I bought 2 cookbooks in Afrikaans. To be honest that language is close to Dutch. About every 5th word I had to look up but often the pictures share the recipe loud and clear.

Sadly not every author tests all recipes in their cookbook before publishing hence sometimes things go wrong because they are wrong. Unforgivable I think and I ve learned to spot them by turning to a recipe I know how to make and triple checking if it makes sense. I take the time to read a few recipes before I buy and that weeds out the wanna-beezzz.

1. “COMME UN CHEF ” by Benoit Peeters and Aurelia Aurita – This graphic novel is a tribute by a dear friend of my father, Benoit Peeters about his life journey drawn in food moments. His passion for discovery and adventure is heartwarming. And he immortalized his and my dad’s friendship by dedicating a few pages to their story. The drawings are lovely yet simple and the select choice of colour is well-balanced. It’s an easy read nevertheless inspires you to think about your own food journey. Check out Benoit’s site for his other work click HERE.


2.” THE CLEAN PLATE ” by Gwyneth Paltrow – I am always on the look out to take control of my nutrition and phase out some nasty sugar habits ( a never ending struggle for me). I was intrigued about this method of clean eating. She has 5 doctors also weighing in on some of the advise and benefits. I was very happy to read that I actually already eat pretty much like this ( except the nasty sugars). So this technique consists of eating straight up clean: no dairy, no sugar. There are cleanses, detoxes and meal plans to help restore some balance and targeted health benefits.   I am looking to find substitutes for dairy as I self diagnosed a little intolerance  ( like 80% of the population) so i am very keen to get started. For the lifestyle GOOP site – click HERE.


3.”SAN – LE TOUR DU MONDE EN 75 RECETTES – by Sang Hoon Degeimbre – One of my favourite Michelin star chefs who food enchants me every time! Each dish is named after a fabulous city as ingredients inspired the destination. The photography is beautiful and it’s a fabulous book to enjoy, be inspired by and take a trip down memory lane. This dish of Peru reminded me of my trip to Machu Picchu and Lima in 2017 which was mind-blowing. Check out his restaurants in Brussels –  click HERE.


4.” THE COOK’S ATELIER “ by Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini – I am sooooo excited as I snatched a place at their cooking school in Beaune, Burgundy. I LOVE their book as it is by season which is how I eat and live. The recipes they share are French, traditional yet very on-trend to enjoy all year around from simple to festive. The beautiful photography of the surroundings and produce just makes me want to jump on the train and get there already. ( I ve to wait till May – patience is a virtue I am told). I also got the copper handle whisk from the cover; their online shopping site is fabulously done well  – click HERE – and I loved the BIG orange satin bow wrapping it came in. See you soon, Ladies!


5.”MIAMOLOGIE – LES LEGUMES” by 180C – This was a great discovery and birthday gift from my friends Pascale and Xavier, BIG foodies as well. ( I love foodie friends!)   180 C & 12’5 is a French food and wine magazine with a great online site – click HERE – This edition is all about vegetables, exactly what I LOVE ( although I also got the fish and meat one too). It explains in details the vegetable, how to cook it but just beyond the “simple” ho to. They particularly lay out the best cooking techniques for each vegetable to obtain the best flavour of it. The recipes in the back also have just the best of titles!


6.”LIFE IN BALANCE “ by Donna Hay – This Australian lady is definitely one of my all time favourite chefs to follow. I think the first time her books hit my cookbook shelf is when she was writing for Marie-Claire, what like 25 years ago. I still have those books and still use them regularly!! Her site is just a fabulous resource and inspiration – click HERE – This book I think is form 2015 but i just love going back to it and getting inspired. I also love her styling and photos, very much my type of style. Her recipes are seasonal, full of flavour and for me European it reminds me to mix it up a bit with some other flavours.

Happy reading!!

By the way I am not paid to post, this is just my own selection based on my own interests and curiosity.

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