5 times something sweet for the weekend

You got a sweet tooth like me? Let me tempt you to make these 5 something sweets for the weekend.

1. My AMARETTI biscuits with almond powder and chestnut paste are a true delight, even cookie monster loves them. This Italian macaroon originates from Saronno from the romantic Renaissance period when a bishop came to town I believe.  Traditionally made with Amaretto liqueur, egg whites and ground almonds. Click HERE for the recipe.

2. Try your hand at making SALTED CARAMEL to top your ice cream or chocolate cake, or yet dip a biscuit in. And learn all about salt! What is the difference between table salt, rock salt and seas salt? For the recipe click HERE

3. My BOOZY APPLE cake is just perfect for the Belgian March weather this weekend. You probably have all the ingredients at home already. HERE is the recipe.

4. Nothing beats a glorious warm fresh from the oven MADELEINES. Your entire kitchen will smell soo divine and it will transport you to Paris in an instant. Click HERE and find out more about Paris and how to make the Madeleines.

5. Let me also share with you the easiest of desserts: CREAM and fruit. In the winter I do rely a lot on dried and frozen fruits as well as the seasonal exotic and citrus fruits. Here are 12 delish flavours to pimp your whipped cream! Do I hear Prince singing in the background, come on you know the song I am taking about! Check it out HERE.

whipped cream flavours

Have a great weekend everyone!

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