5 Easy Week Dinners You Will Cook Again And Again

When I go home straight after work, than I will cook myself a lovely dinner. I like light, easy digestible dinners but comfort food like gnocchi definitely steels the show from time to time. I never order in as I always have something in the fridge, cupboard or freezer than can be turned into a tasty meal. I tend to always have fresh vegetables and fruits about and it’s a habit of mine to cook, it’s second nature to me. Ordering in for me has no incentive as generally what is available  is comfort “junk” food  so I rather go to a restaurant for a quick bite. And a good omelet is very satisfying after a hard days of work.

Here 5 of my favourites easy week dinners:

Roasted Salmon with Quinoa Crust with Parsley and Lemon Zest – recipe click here


Persian rice with Cranberries and Pomegranate served with Honey Glazed Chicken – recipe click here


Avocado and beetroot Salad with Lemon Zest and Coriander – recipe click here


Simple Pumpkin Gnocchi –recipe click here


Cod with Breadcrumb and Green Tea Crust –recipe click here



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