3 foodie city trips to book now

How FUN is it to city-hop in and from Europe. I am sooo lucky to live in Brussels where every major foodie capital is only a short flight away. I get sooo inspired by the local produce and flavours, I always learn something new on city trips.

When I book city trips once the flight and hotel is booked, than I reserve restaurants for each night and a few lunches. My indulging friends know that if we change our mind, we can always cancel but I prefer to ve a plan in place.  The most hateful thing that can happen is being hungry and nowhere to eat but a dive tourist place when there is sooo much else out there!

My next weekend away will be Beaune, Burgundy in May. For now let me share you the recent few foodie city trips I been on. And be on the look out for my Belgian city trips coming soon!

Where are you off to next?

PARIS – FRANCE, but of course – Ahhhh Paris, who does not love hanging out in Paris? Shopping, museums, food and les frenchies biensur; all  adorable and lovely. Whether I go for a day or for 2 weeks, I just love discovering and yes, eating my way through Paris. This past trip the madeleines I ate inspired me to try and make them myself. Today I share from my test kitchen a sweet and a savoury recipe. Let me know what you think? oh and the savoury madeleines are a great idea for upcoming holidays aperitif snack. read more HERE

LISBON – PORTUGAL, This gorgeous city has been on my list for a while. During my trips I discovered Lisbon’s beautiful architecture, lovely tiles and yummy food and wine. I fell in love with their custard tarts, pasteis de nata and made them at home again and again and again. Read more HERE 

BARCELONA – SPAIN, Barcelona has been for ages on my BUCKET LIST and I am sooo  blessed my dearest fellow foodie friend Lucia was happy to show me around her hometown. I learned about Gaudi, the selfless architect with incredible vision. I amply sampled  Jamon Iberico, their divine ham and savoured their fresh caught seafood.  Read all about my foodie trip and check out my simple squid with rice recipe inspired by the scrumptious meal I ate by the waterfront. Read more HERE 

Now it is your turn to get inspired and plan a city trip!

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