3 Cocktails to serve at Christmas

Ah, the Festive Season is upon us – I adore it! We have the excuse to display all kinds of high drama glittery and shinny baubles, fill our home with pine and cinnamon scents, cook and eat copious meals shared with family and friends and have a few drinks (too many) .

We Belgians are the highest consumer per capita of champagne, yes my lovelies, we truly love our bubbly! But a good cocktail to start off a festive eve  can really sway me. Or actually while still in the kitchen cooking a feast, a little cocktail is always welcome!

Here 3 of my own concoctions that require no bar tending skills what so ever  – and euh … don’t blame me if you have one too many 🙂

Elderflower Bubbly , Mandarin & Whiskey Smash and CranGinger Lemonade



Use a measuring shot called a jigger to add the alcohol to your cocktail. I didn’t use a shaker as well simply don’t have one and its not needed for these. it all depends on the size of your glass to of course, so play around with the measures and how spiked you wish to make them.



Elderflower Bubbly

I got the Marks and Spencer Elderflower Cordial and add to 2 measures of it to my bubbly. A sprinkle of elderflowers et voila.

Mandarin & Whiskey Smash

Smash mandarin quarts to release their juice in a glass. Brew a strong black tea, I used special tea blend called “Sir John Blend” from The Tea Centre of Stockholm. It contains Lapsang Souchong which is a smokey tea leave. Add to the smashed fruit, a measure of scotch or bourbon and 3 measures of tea, strain and serve over ice.

CranGinger Lemonade

To one measure of Vodka add equal parts of cranberry juice and ginger beer. Serve over crushed ice or straight up.

Glasses are from Zara Home’s Christmas collection.


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