12 Fabulous Seasonal Recipes you will Cook again in 2018!

2017 was a good foodie year! A few new food trends made their way into our home cooking and some new ingredients are now new staples in our week dinner. Cooking seasonal recipes is definitely still and even more now on everyone’s mind. I irk myself when I see out of season ingredients on restaurant menus now. But what fabulous recipes have you added to your repertoire and will cook again in 2018? Here is my list per season …

WINTER – I love a good stew and some serious comfort food in winter. Something warm, full of flavour like my venison stew and plenty of spice like my Persian rice and chicken. Easy, simple and yummy fast food is totally satisfying like my beef tacos. an nothing says winter fun like a lovely, festive menu like the one I created for Bio-Planet.

My Venison Stew recipe

2 Fab Wine Picks By Lola To drink With My Spicy Beef Tacos

Persian Red Jewel Rice & Honey Glazed Chicken

My Classic Holiday Dishes Reinvented For Bio-Planet

SPRING – Anxiously awaiting that hint of fresh, new, green vegetables and fruit like my green pea fritters. I love those little baby leeks, check out that cod poached in jasmine tea infused milk. Can’t wait for the white asparagus season to try out new ways to enjoy them! Celebrate the gorgeous citrus and load up on vitamins in the still cold and dark months with my radicchio salad.

Vegan Green Pea Fritters and Dip

Cod Poached in Milk Infused with Jasmine Pearls

5 Seasonal White Asparagus Recipes

Citrus and Radicchio Salad with Feta

SUMMER – The abundance of choice in vegetables and fruit is soo large that gosh what is not too love about summer. Making use of the gorgeous fruit like my summer galette is a crowd pleaser. Rainy summer day, a grilled cheese with berries is the perfect antidote. And when courgettes are in season, there is nothing better than a ratatouille shared on those summer nights. A summery, fruity poptail is definitely a trend from 2017 i will carry over in 2018.

The perfect Summer Dessert : galette

A Berry Grilled Cheese for Summer Comfort

My Ratatouille with Courgetti and Flowers

A Peachy Poptail You Will Enjoy All Year Round

FALL – That Indian summer with those gorgeous colours and lovely fall produce. My quince tarte tatin will help you transit from summer to fall. Celebrate Okoberfest with some beer pairing dishes. A savoury pie is a yummy lunch-on-the-go, check out my mini tarte flavours. But changing of the weather can be hard on energy levels, so check out our tips.

A Fall Classic Reinvented : Quince Tarte Tatin

12 Beer Pairing Recipes Just In Time For OktoberFest

5 savoury pies to carry you through fall and winter

6 Healthy Foods To Eat For More Energy by Lucy Wyndham

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